What is StoryDrops?

We are a location based social media app, where you can leave audio drops for your friends, fans and loved ones, only experienceable at specific real world locations. Think of Pokémon GO but with meaningful and exciting audio content, made for you.

Why does StoryDrops exist?

People need alternatives to current social media conglomerates and passive doom scrolling. We want to activate cities and citizens by giving them a voice. Let’s make our cities fun, social and active places!

Who owns the content you create?

You. All rights to the content you create remain at your possession.

What does StoryDrops cost?

The basic version of the app is free. In the future some of the app’s optional features might cost you a bit.

Does StoryDrops track me?

We aim to make a fair and kind social media.

We don’t track your usage of the app or website for other than functional purposes. When using our app, we only store the necessary information to be able to provide the services.

When you sign up, your user information is saved on a database in servers in data centers in the EU. When you add a drop, the location of the drop you select is saved on the database. When you use the app, your location is read on the client side but not sent or saved in our databases. When unlocking a drop, the information that you can now access the drop is saved in the database but your exact location is not saved. When using the app, you are making requests to our databases and other services which do show the IP address where the request is being made, as with any other website or service.

Our app uses Sentry for tracking errors or issues and is only used for detecting critical bugs, not for tracking your usage of the app.

Our website uses Plausible for getting usage statistics of the site but not for tracking you across the web.

Who is running StoryDrops?

A small independent team of designers and creative technologists in Helsinki and Tokyo.