Put your story on the map.

StoryDrops is a location based social media, where you can leave audio drops for your friends, followers and loved ones, only experienceable at specific real world locations.

With StoryDrops
Experience your surroundings like never before, discover real moments & new places, hidden beauty, share your knowledge, meanings & memories, find sediments & layers, leave digital traces.
City street
StoryDrops notification
StoryDrops drop
StoryDrops drop 2


Download the StoryDrops application

The StoryDrops application is right now on the App Store Test Flight. It’s free and puts you right on the map. Join our wait list and become a beta-tester.


Find the latest drops around you

Explore your neighbourhood from another angle or get to know new places. Go to drops to unlock them – you might even get a discounts from small businesses.


Start putting your story on the map

Reveal your version of the city and tell a story. Guide people to best places, lively up your surrounding, be a friend to a stranger, get a coffee maybe.