What if every street you walk would tell a story?

StoryDrops is a location-based social media app, where you can leave audio Drops which can be listened to only at specific real-world locations. It’s a bit like Pokémon GO, but for audio content from your friends and loved ones, as well as the brands you enjoy the most.

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Get started


Download StoryDrops app on the App Store

StoryDrops app is now available on the App Store. It’s free and puts you right on the map. No signing in is needed to get started!


Find the latest drops around you

Explore your neighbourhood from another angle or get to know new places. Go to drops to unlock them and enjoy.


Create drops around the world from anywhere

Share your drops with friends only or delight everybody with them. Guide people to best places, lively up your surrounding, be a friend to a stranger.

Who is it for

Delight your loved ones with secret drops

Share a memory with your friends by creating them a private drop. Let them hear your voice in a place you’ve maybe experienced together.


Guide people to your favourite places

Create audio drops about the places that are meaningful to you. Tell stories, recommend unknown gems, share songs or even record a minicast.


Make shrunken cities alive again

Tell about events, special offers or just how it is going today to connect with your network. Put audio messages on the map fast and easy.

But Why
Lively cities, fairer social media
People need alternatives to current social media conglomerates and passive doom scrolling. We want to activate citizens and cities by giving them a voice.